Heartwood Hills HOA

Meeting Minutes

August Meeting 2009


Monday, August 10, 2009




10518 Faye Way – Tom’s House





Present:                 President:

Tom Peterson


Brian Neely

Vice President:


Bertie Anglin


Contributing Member:

Sandi Racoobian


Contributing Member:

Joann Armstrong



Contributing Member:






Meeting Called To Order:

6:30pm by Tom Peterson

Vote in Existing Board Members:




Treasurers Report:

 ---------------------------  June 2009 Balance:


July 2009 Balance:




Architectural Report:

·     None (Brian called in report)

Old Business:

·     Drainage Ditch clean up and erosion control schedule – Bertie called Leon County to have someone come out and assess the situation and schedule.

·     Leon County came out 2 days after calling and agreed to have the ditches and erosion fixed in the Faye Way culdesac.

·     We must call Leon County to have the storm water department come out and clean ditches beyond the roadway along homeowner’s properties.

New Business:

·     All present board members agreed not to do Luminaries’ this year for the holidays

·     Tom suggested that we have a hay ride in conjunction with the “Jingle Bell Walk About” and to have a local farmer come in with at least 2 hay wagons because the walk was too far last year.  Board members will be checking with any of their contacts to see if they know anyone with Hay wagons, just to get the ball rolling.

Meeting Adjourned:


Respectfully Submitted By:

Tom Peterson